Sunday, August 05, 2012

Oiiii Mr. August!

Assalamualaikum & hi you gaizz. kah kah kah

Sooooo.. it's August. eh? it is too late?

sorry sorry for the super duper late update this freaking blog (u don't say? ahak!) yeah man, it's been two weeks I didn't update any. busy? what?? c tika busy??? nda la. pandai2 jak kamu sana. to be honest, I don't really get any even a crappy idea what to say here lately. but still, I want to type something with this cute little fingers of mine jugak now hahahah!!

ehem ehem. pada suatu hari,saya jalan-jalan.. lepas jalan-jalan, saya malas suda jalan-jalan. tapi hari-hari pigi skola jalan kaki jugak kan? eh no. that the main problem actually..


Okay okayy okayyyy. for what came out was sheer nonsense only. takde kene mengene pn.
*sighs of boredom*

nih la akibatnya kalo mengapdet time teda idea kan?! ahhahah sori ba ging.

well dear, let me explain why I've been missing :p yah, you know la kn how bad the conditions of my hometown lately. . ai nda tau ka? it's been like a whirl wind around here you know! kuat angin gilaaa.. bunyi2 suda zink kadang kmi. serius nih k. tambah2 lagi hujan yg NDA lebat ;p so the line of the internet was not really good. urgh. masi bole on9 laa. tp lambat. therefore, I only got an idea what should I say on twitter but no to blog. hikhik! ;D

forget about the stupid whirl wind, 

I had a lovely day yesterday!! yepppyyyy!! sa tolong2 kakak buat kuih makmur. okay. penat u'knowz.. balik2 hancur. until I almost give up. nasib sambil2 tinguk movie. kalo nda, 'stegah hari' laa jawabnya ;p ;p joke! no picture were taken. siou ah? hahah

sooooo.. it's a new month and now I'm happy cuhs I'm still fasting right now! hoho

sob..sob.. yearned to meet them :')

#Akai and Yumi. huhuhuhuhu

#Ninah & Kinah ;)

#kak yun. okay, we always do this pouty lips. but yeah, ignore mine

#yuhuuuuu ada ayu and fifi d siniiiiii (dan jati gaks) hikhik!

#Umi anddddd Irah <3

Frankly speaking, I miss themmm!!!!

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