Monday, December 31, 2012


Assalamualaikum and haaaaaiiii ;D

yeah, today is the last day of 2012. as the title above, NEW HOPE kunun. yeah.
it's like, new year kn. the beginning of 2013. some of my friend on facebook ask me. 


k. this kind of question really scares me so bad. when i answered "emm.. mau jadi anak yg lebih baik" then ditanya lagi pula "ohh..jadi sebelum nih anak yg kurang baik la?" ... i was like. okay. should i tell the reasons why i wanna be anak yg lebih baik? nda kn mau jd anak yg jahat kn. hahah genius genius

blaaa... this is me, always out from the topic *sigh*

at the end of September(if i'm not mistaken), saya telah dijemput untuk menghadiri temuduga SPA.. emm, haihh, to make it short, I successfully got nurse. hahahah just like my mum and dad :)

frankly speaking, i am desperately want the penolong pegawai perubatan. yalah, kn jawatan tu masih baru utk perempuan. bangga la kalau dpt tu kunun. mungkin pasal niat nda betul kn, tu la Allah bg rezeki aku sma nurse. huhuw 
lepas jak check result tu, aku terIngat pula cakap kawan aku..

"aku harap kau jadi nas(nurse) tika.."

ok pik. mulut ko masin. mungkin kalau kau cakap aku jadi M.A, dapat jgk kali kn. hahahah nda bersyukur lagi baaa.. 

bonda dan ayahanda cakap "ok la tu. kerja terus. jgn jak gagal".. paling teruk bila adik aku cakap "ngam la tu ni.. boleh suda kau tarik vigo" hahahh

okay lah okkkayy. i must be thankful to both of my parents, 'cause they've non stop pray the best for me. family and friends.. thank you kerana mendoakan yg baik2..^^

# with Prisca a.k.a my neighbor. and she got nurse too. hikhik
this picture were taken at Kudat. taklimat taklimat..^^

well, do not praise the ungrateful people right? :')

terima kasih ya Allah.. aku sangat2 bersyukur dengan segala rezeki yg telah engkau berikan kepada ku...

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Going out!

assalamualaikum and hi my dear bloggers! :)


*picture above had nothing to do with this post*

yeapppp. see the picture above? heheh. it was taken yesterday 12/12/2012.

ouh yeah, that magnificent date was my friend's birthday, Ir a.k.a laki si tira. hekhekk! xD

dear buddy, wish you may have a very happy birthday,
remember Allah the almighty abundantly, 
stay handsome no matter what (haha),
make your family proud of you,
loyal with your love ones, tira :)

that's all for today, 'till we meet again. bubbyeeeee!! 

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I Stalked Your Profile

Assalamualaikum bloggers! =D

yeah, it's been long time bla bla blaaa. and blaaaaaaa~~

 yeah man, i always said the same thing when i start blogging. no, typing to be exact. ahak! sorry for nothing. this is my blog, and sadly to admit I'm not a blogholic anymore. eh? U DON'T ASK. tsk tskkk
and this freaking blog is getting effin boring day by day *sigh*

have you ever realise that NOTHING changes about this blog? i mean, apa ba. lupa suda nama dia. yg hiasan2 segala. hahah sori, aku betul2 hilang ingatan. EMM?? eya la. mesti la nda perasan langsung kn. siapa la diri ku yg manis lagi menawan ini. HAHA

maybe i'm the one who always attacked by the lazyness. or maybe i despise to do the coding thingy because my eyes will get hurt when seeing to the things that i don't understand. okay, to be frank, i'm the one who don't really likes to wasting time to the unimportant things. it just.. huh! i benci ok? sangat! sangat!!!


frankly typing.. i'm not good at mencantikn belogszzzz -.- tadi tu hanyalah penipuan.

lihatlah belog milik ku ini, sangat membosankan. kan?
this is me. cepat rasa puas hati. eh, no. ASAL ADA bilang urang. it'll be considered as OKAY. hoho :3

well said, simple is gorgeous right? ahakk! *high five*

ouhhh yeah, about the title. huh? have you ever did stalked your crush?
i did it last night. i've stalked on someone..... that... i used to know. haha

this is damn stupid. i mean, stupid feeling. haishhh, i didn't stalk or whatsoever. I just TER-click his profile.... then scrolled down.. then.. then.. then.. i saw... huhh, i think it'll much better if i didn't online that night. knowing that you'll be okay with somebody new, it makes me.. uh, i don't know. strange, i don't get jealous or mad... but it saddens me a bit. just a LITTLE BIT okayyyy. deal with it. lantaklah, kau happy ok la lettew..

so, those who fiercely hate stalker, you can hate me then. hahaha! should i have to hate myself? hell no dumbassssz

but now i'm trying to accept that i'm the only one who crazy about you so bad. sadly, you don't have the same feeling ~

sometimes i realise the word of 'together' between us, was a big no.

trying hard to make hundred miles distance from you. 'cause i know, that's the only choice.

i learned that people easy come and go. but feelings, no. it stay. let go? i'm trying :')

pretending not to care, ohhh. maybe i'll be okay eventually :')

set your mind with all the new hopes! :D

oh. this.. but i can't cry anymore. it's been a long time ago. 1 years 7 months :')

so adik2 sekalian, janganlah kamu berani2 bercinta pada usia muda nih. rugi bagi first love sama orang yg belum pasti :') andddd one more thing, "never use someone to move one". it sucks darling..^^

dealing with the shit and be strong. ahak!

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