Sunday, June 30, 2013


it's been such a long time since the last post(long la sangat), i've started a new life.. new life as a student nurse. sorry for being such a bad bad badddddd blogger. ngee

eh, ASSALAMUALAIKUM && HI uollsssssss ~ ~

so may be some of you were a lil bit curious (Ahakk!) how i've been doing lately? well, there are so many things had happened to me, most of them were about my new hope (read about my previous2 post). and i'm about to menyesuaikan diri for all of this. huhhh, as you know. i'm the one who just like to pampering myself by staying at home, facebooking, tweeting, tumblring, eating and sometimes hanging out with my girlfriends. i don't really2 like to jalan-jalan tanpa arah tujuan yg pasti (hahah) EXCEPT with my family and bestie.

i despise walk alone. not joking.
even when my mom asks me to buy some groceries or pay bills. prior to that, if none of my friends can't accompany me to go out, then no choice, i have to go out.. all~by~my~~~~~selfffffffff *singing* uppsss
while shopping, i'll buy laju2. drive laju2. biar la pulis mau saman. nda sia kisah

okay, seems i'm out of the topic again. yeah man, this is not the first time.... normal for me. *big heavy sigh*

to make it simple, aku campur2 bM ah? yala, kalo fully english nanti bertambah-tambah laa grammatical error aku. those who hate to see an ordinary people like me to use english when blogging, my pleasure, you may close your tab from reading this. hakhakkkkkk pssst,no offence, but i'm going to offend you. hahahah #silaterasa

~as usual, the class start at 8am-10am, 10.30am-12.30pm, 2pm-5pm.. hahah bagi yg kuat tidur mcm aku mmg 1 kejutan besar la nih. time rest 10am-10.30am tu, aku malas mau keluar. malas mau berebut membeli tempat c angkol peter. rela lagi aku stay d kelas. kdg2 tidur, kdg2 bcerita, kdg2 on9.. this habit may risk my butt to get bed sore. PALIS PALIS.

dan... saya malas suda mau cerita.

to tell you about my life as a KSKB student, it is quite tough for me. in this moment, things are quit rough, there's a lot of tension, a lot of stress, expectation and many, many more things.. just my luck, i can deal with it. THANKS ALLAH!! SYUKUR ALHAMDULILLAH ~

jadi, tinguk2 la kamu gambar2 ku time d sana..


with nayaaaaa

orang bilang muka kami sama.. yaka?

emm, itu jak la. ahahahah

p/s: sorry. nda tau napa aku kena serang penyakit malas yg kronik nih pagi. mohon doa untuk sembuh cepat. terima kasihhh

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