Sunday, June 30, 2013

Reasons Marrying a Nurse is Like Winning Lottery ;p

Is it really true? Marry with a nurse… is it good?

I think lots of nurses may share their experiences with husbands! but firstly read this article :)

Fortunate enough to be dating a nurse?
If so, that partner could really be a keeper. If there is any chance of taking this relationship all the way to the
altar, pull out all of the stops. A nurse, male or female, is one of the best partners one could choose while traveling through life. A marriage with a nurse is like winning the jackpot at the lottery, a pay out that will continue through the years and have more benefits than money ever could buy.

Here are five reasons to say “I do.”
Talk about compassion.
A good heart is at the root of nursing. No one goes into the field simply for the money. Long hours, sacrifice, and the pain and suffering of others come with the job. Dedicating one’s life to the care of others means having a level of compassion that goes beyond the norm. Nurses have a strong desire to help people, to comfort, heal the sick, and provide essential aid. Imagine having that in a sidekick. You will be in good hands.

A nurse has magic in his or her touch.
After years of education, what skills a nurse must have at his or her disposal. Nurses have the main goal to join forces with others in the healthcare field with the motto, “Do no harm.” They know how to handle with care. The same could hold true when it comes to hearts.

Health will be a top priority.
Nurses know all the ins and outs of taking care of the body. They are more likely to live a healthy lifestyle and promote it for their families. Eating well and getting exercise, while avoiding bad habits, will be easier with a nurse at the helm. Nurses are great at tackling a cold! Also, if there are any warning signs of a major problem on the horizon, a nurse will have the knowledge to nip it in the bud or get the appropriate help.

A nurse knows how to listen well.
It is part of a nurse’s job to be an excellent listener. A nurse needs to hear what a patient says, pay attention to symptoms, and look for any signs of discomfort. These are wonderful skills to cultivate in a relationship. Most people will say that the ability to listen is one of the keys to a successful marriage. 

A nurse will be able  to handle the rocky road of life and Nurses may not be angel but they are the next best thing.


p/s: i think this is awesome. cuhs imma nurse to be! In Sha Allah..^^

*ini la nih kalo camera yg low quality hahaha

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