Saturday, July 21, 2012


Assalamualaikum :3

k sorry uyun, I take this w/o ur permission. ahaks

how good memories can start to make you cry however, never really seems to last :')
okay, let's talk about le feeling. NO. no any words can describe this feeling. ever.

p/s: the love doesn't die.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Happy Fasting!

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh, dan salam sejahtera ;D

Howdy, people on this beautiful Earth!! how's it been?? uhuk uhuk! sorry for the super late update this freaking blog (ada ka juga urg kisah nih ah? hahahah). I was sort of busy with school. tasks tasks and so much load of tasks to do. gini lah kali pra-U kan? hahah! okay, stop about my busyness yg nda pernah habis habis.

I'm sure most of you by now are already excited to face the fasting month of Ramadhan, right? so do I!! it's such a blessing for us to be able to live and experience Ramadhan again this year ;) anddd yeah, remind me to bring the kuih raya for my classmate on Eid. AWALLLLLLLLL BAAAAAA hahahah

you know, my classmate already remind me for million lion lionnnnnn times to bring kuih raya when the fasting month is over =.=' don't you think it was too early to say that? I was like.. "urm.. ba.. tinguk lah dulu" then dorang pun ugut mau menyerbu rumah nanti raya. hahahah mba2, datang jak laa.tapi bagitau awal2 k. ada nanti kamu beraya sama kucing2 aku.. huahuaa

btw, selamat berpuasa y'all !! jangan lupa bangun sahur okayyy!! ;D

Sunday, July 15, 2012


Assalamualaikum Hi =)

andddd again.. the title seems so uncreative again.
k. fullstop. let's talk about my feeling now. huhuw

Have you ever felt that way?
uh okay. for me la kan, this will never makes me feel the " awkward moment". actually.
konon lah. but someone please. I just need help to getting over my JEALOUSY. urgh =.='

normal lah.. as a woman, we all wanna know how is that feel of be the most beautiful, the prettiest, the gorgeous-est, the coolest, the segala yg "est2" tu laa. so do I. Ahaks!
tp 'kejelesan' saya nih masih boleh d kawal. nda laa smpai timbul2 rasa hasad dengki, dendam2 segala.
frankly, timbul "hasad jeles" jew. erk? ada ka tu? hahahhah

fyi, all my girlfriends now change to paaaling cantik, paaaling howt sekarang. I'm not jealous. okay. serious.
cuhs I'm one of the cutest among the cutest jugakkk. hahahahh!! okok, sila lah maki saye ;p

Kita Semua ada kecantikkan yg tersendiri :) so no need laa mau jeles2 niih. -note to self

Friday, July 13, 2012

I'm Back!!

Assamualaikum and Hi bloggersss! =D

as you seen the title, I'm back! hahah!! ya laa, I've been at home within 3 days something~ hoho. aik? tak paham ker. aigooo

well, if you stalk me on twitter (hahahhah!!) you probably already know that for the past few days (started from last Thursday) I've been in a camping for 5 days. uh, FIVE DAYS peopleeee!! (rasa lama betul la kunu ;p) hurmmm.. I think I'll post everything in ONE POST and it would be reallllllllllyyy a long post plus, filled with tons tons and tons of pictures. weyyyh, I don't want to cause any lags for anyone. but.. um, yeah, you know la kan. excited yg melampau. tambah2 lagi time is money, and I love money. hahahahahhahh!! genius!

so warn you, this is a very heavy post, mainly consisting a load of photossss. muahahahh~

#Okay, camera hp isn't have a high quality as Dslr. jadi kabur2 la. heheh

#the girls.. em, cuci muka kali? heheheh ;p

#cutey Haslina and prettayyy Ferall ;)

# 3 sumandaks. Has, Nolyn and Ferall..^^

# Shilah and I. with the oily-faced and I look more shawt here =.='

# the beautiness enhance the taste of the sausages. Ahaks! xD

OKAYYY!! that was before the camp officially start. HEHEHE xD
so the next day.. oh ya, I'm the facilitator for group no4. DELTA.

Are you ready???!! yesss!! Ready??!!! readyy!!!
Delta Gemilang, oh Delta Gemilang!! HUHA!! 2X

hahahah.. semangat nih, itu laa yell kami. simple kan? \m/

#nih baaaaru mau kenal2 dorang. suru tulis nama. heheheh.. oh. tuuuu na c hubby. hahahahah xD

#time bagi2 aktiviti. biar semua merasa ;)

#BACK WOOD COOK. just awesome. all working together. hehehehh!

#Pertandingan Bina Badan. Shellisthowell dr group Delta dpt No3!!! heheheh congrats to him!! <3

#Ratu Fesyen. girls form 1 dri group Delta nih. smua lawa2 ^^v

#Larian lasak. smbung ikhtiar hidup, masak maggi dalam cerek. hahahah (Y)

#apa nih ah.. em, macam sepak manggis la kali. heheheh!

#aktiviti membuat jerat

#aktiviti membuat rakit

#tapak perkhemahan Kadet Polis ba this. tp teda sign ny :/

#nih bomba punya.. heheheh <3

#Pintu gerbang utk Ko-Kum taun nih.. ramai ckp terlampau simple :|

soooooooooo.. that's all!! hehehehh!! retire suda dr sevice-co. lepas nih, InsyaAllah.. belajar la aku rajin2. amin.. doakan kejayaan bersama ;)

puasa semakin dekat. tahan2 laa diri dari cakap benda2 yg tidak baik, yg tidak sopan. atau lebih baik elakkanlah dari cakap benda2 gitu.. 
perbanyakkan amalan2 sunat seiring dengan memelihara amalan2 yang wajib :)

Allah Blessed ~

Monday, July 02, 2012

Oh.. July

Assalamualaikum & hi ?

uhuk..uhukk.. *sniff sniff*

hurm.. am I too late to say it's July already? hahah I know it's 2nd of June, 2012 now.
well, for me the beginning of the month of July was a lil bit sad TT.TT
damn damn.. I hate the feeling of 'lost'.

yeah *non stop sniffing*

see the pic above? her name is Janja. been called by that name urmmm.. I don't know.
Oh yah! it was my brother's idea, at first he used to called this cat "Manja" :p
tapi gali2 la ba juga kn panggil kucing gitu. so the name of Janja was created lah.
jadi bila d pikir2 balik, aku la tukang kasi nama tu kan? hoho.. genius!
lagi pn kucing nih betina. the only girl in her sibling. jadi ngam juga la ba tu kn? heheh (ya jak bilang)

but then, suddenly this 2months healthy cat just died TT.TT
I don't know what the causes of the death. shit
jumpa2 dia d belakang esbok, cam tggu2 saat 'akhir' suda time tu :(

*cried in pain* T.T

biarlah tu. nda sggup lagi aku igt smua tu. banyak lagi kucing d blkg rumah. nda t'urus lagi.

just like that, realize 2012 is half over. huh!
July is the most formidable month that I'll encounter. oh you youu. your birthday
and for all muslims will commence this year's Ramadhan fasting on July 20 or 21..
so we'll celebrate Eid ul-Fitr or Hari Raya Puasa on the next month lah!!! yeahhxxx (Y)

November. oh, I almost forget about the upcoming exam and I hate to think about it either =.='
so now masi busy pasal ko-kum. maybe next week(if I'm not mistaken)
itu perkhemahan will be ended. so no more busy about "turun petang" lagi. hoho

wish me luck on everything peeps!! so will you! :-*

Allah Blessed~

Sunday, July 01, 2012

a Girl

See that girl? yeah, she's the one who stuck up for you.
 the one who stayed up 'till midnight just wanna to talk to you.

she's the one whose heart flutters when she heard people shout your name. but pretend not to heard bout it. and even more, her heart beat faster when gets a call or text from you.

 the one who wanna hear your voice every time she's woke up in the morning. but she didn't make a call. because she's too scary if you know that you're meant so much to her. 

and she's the one who prays she'll get a chance to say goodnight. because she wants to be the last person you talk with at night. 

boy, she's the one who fought for you, missed you and loved you. 

but, by the time you realize that she's the girl you want, but she already figured out that you're not the MAN she want x

"First love is irreplaceable, first heartbreaks are unforgettable"

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