Sunday, July 15, 2012


Assalamualaikum Hi =)

andddd again.. the title seems so uncreative again.
k. fullstop. let's talk about my feeling now. huhuw

Have you ever felt that way?
uh okay. for me la kan, this will never makes me feel the " awkward moment". actually.
konon lah. but someone please. I just need help to getting over my JEALOUSY. urgh =.='

normal lah.. as a woman, we all wanna know how is that feel of be the most beautiful, the prettiest, the gorgeous-est, the coolest, the segala yg "est2" tu laa. so do I. Ahaks!
tp 'kejelesan' saya nih masih boleh d kawal. nda laa smpai timbul2 rasa hasad dengki, dendam2 segala.
frankly, timbul "hasad jeles" jew. erk? ada ka tu? hahahhah

fyi, all my girlfriends now change to paaaling cantik, paaaling howt sekarang. I'm not jealous. okay. serious.
cuhs I'm one of the cutest among the cutest jugakkk. hahahahh!! okok, sila lah maki saye ;p

Kita Semua ada kecantikkan yg tersendiri :) so no need laa mau jeles2 niih. -note to self

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