Monday, July 02, 2012

Oh.. July

Assalamualaikum & hi ?

uhuk..uhukk.. *sniff sniff*

hurm.. am I too late to say it's July already? hahah I know it's 2nd of June, 2012 now.
well, for me the beginning of the month of July was a lil bit sad TT.TT
damn damn.. I hate the feeling of 'lost'.

yeah *non stop sniffing*

see the pic above? her name is Janja. been called by that name urmmm.. I don't know.
Oh yah! it was my brother's idea, at first he used to called this cat "Manja" :p
tapi gali2 la ba juga kn panggil kucing gitu. so the name of Janja was created lah.
jadi bila d pikir2 balik, aku la tukang kasi nama tu kan? hoho.. genius!
lagi pn kucing nih betina. the only girl in her sibling. jadi ngam juga la ba tu kn? heheh (ya jak bilang)

but then, suddenly this 2months healthy cat just died TT.TT
I don't know what the causes of the death. shit
jumpa2 dia d belakang esbok, cam tggu2 saat 'akhir' suda time tu :(

*cried in pain* T.T

biarlah tu. nda sggup lagi aku igt smua tu. banyak lagi kucing d blkg rumah. nda t'urus lagi.

just like that, realize 2012 is half over. huh!
July is the most formidable month that I'll encounter. oh you youu. your birthday
and for all muslims will commence this year's Ramadhan fasting on July 20 or 21..
so we'll celebrate Eid ul-Fitr or Hari Raya Puasa on the next month lah!!! yeahhxxx (Y)

November. oh, I almost forget about the upcoming exam and I hate to think about it either =.='
so now masi busy pasal ko-kum. maybe next week(if I'm not mistaken)
itu perkhemahan will be ended. so no more busy about "turun petang" lagi. hoho

wish me luck on everything peeps!! so will you! :-*

Allah Blessed~

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