Sunday, July 01, 2012

a Girl

See that girl? yeah, she's the one who stuck up for you.
 the one who stayed up 'till midnight just wanna to talk to you.

she's the one whose heart flutters when she heard people shout your name. but pretend not to heard bout it. and even more, her heart beat faster when gets a call or text from you.

 the one who wanna hear your voice every time she's woke up in the morning. but she didn't make a call. because she's too scary if you know that you're meant so much to her. 

and she's the one who prays she'll get a chance to say goodnight. because she wants to be the last person you talk with at night. 

boy, she's the one who fought for you, missed you and loved you. 

but, by the time you realize that she's the girl you want, but she already figured out that you're not the MAN she want x

"First love is irreplaceable, first heartbreaks are unforgettable"

1 comment:

Poetra said...

Kunjungan perdana dan silahkan untuk menuju TKP saya semoga ada yang bermanfaat untuk sbat smua...

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