Friday, June 29, 2012

On My Way

holy cow. I'm offended!!

yeah, confession to make.
I've done this before. but thanks buddyz cuhs still bersabar dengan kelewatan hamba ;p

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Shin Chan

like I said before, I haven't gain my study-hard-spirit yet. huhuw ;p

HAHAHAH!! well good news for you Shin Chan. you're not alone :p

oya, si nadia mau tu sleeping bag bsuk. kasi ingat saya supaya ingat bawa bsuk k. hoho

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

FaceBook Chat

When I see my ex on facebook chat ... I was like..

p/s; because Facebook assumes that we still talk to each other.

Hi? Busy?

Hi and Assalamualaikum! =D

Once again. the title seems so uncreative. huhux. saya seharusnya membuat anjakan paradigma agar tajuk blog entry menjadi lebih menarik. hahahah!! xD

I don't know what's wrong with me. last week my teacher ask me to do Pengajian Am essay, anddd it was perfectly sucks. I did it last minute (plus,copying friend's). urgh, apa masam nih... actually, I've tried my f*cking best to elaborate all my points on essay. but I JUST CAN'T. at that moment, I was kinda d luah mati emak, d telan mati bapa. hahahah!! le mind can't stop thinking about how mad teacher Najibah to me or should I just hand in the task with the feelings of guilty =3=. yes or yess yessss yessss. so I HENTAM SEJA LAAAA.. uh, okay oWkeyh. ada  JUGALAH tiru sikit. tp ubah2 BANYAK OKAY ;p

 make sure, I'll not do like this anymore..uppps.. let's start it tomorrow la. HEHEHEHHE. nda mau lagi buat krja rumah last2 minit nih. *facepalm*

anyway, I kinda enjoying my busyness lately. yeahh, I know my last2 entry I've mention that I was about to giving up being a service-co on Perkhemahan Ko-kum. but, just I said. I've made up my mind. BERTAHAN. macam lagu wali band pla kn. TETAP BERTAHAN (kliklah! ;D) yayayayaaa, that song didn't show what I'm fighting for now(fight la sangat).

soooooo people, wish me luck! hope I will survive just like all my friends! xD

p/s: everyone's need it.

Sunday, June 24, 2012


Hai dan salam? ;D

Uhuk! Finally, I can meet my girlfriends. *sob* I miss them so much. no words can describe how much I miss them. aik, cam ayat rindu bopren pla kn. hahahah! xD

okay, for those who just read my last post.. urm, I guess I didn't mention to you guys that I'd hang out with my girls pla kn? heheh! my bad, too excited to story about my busyness at school. well, yesterday I went to school for buat 'menara' (frankly, all my job was angkat le bamboo only). now I know why my back is aching right now. genius..! okok, back to the topic, around 4.30pm yesterday, zumpa kawang2!! c irah pandai suda bemikap. hehehheheh!! *jelous*

and it was my first time drove my sister's car just to meet them. thanks to momma cuhs being sporting ;x

with.. forgot his name. Kura kali? hahahh! ermm, camera depan. besa la kabur2. hehehe!
Aida, Umi, Liah & Pip

w baby zetty. huhu!

#manis kn senyum? ;D

#mau buat hidung kembang. fcuk,

d jambatan simpangan
#Okay, time nih c irah pura2 lambat supaya kmi turun p sambut dia d tengah2 jambatan. hahahahhah!! nda ba da..^^v

#merenung masa depan. I hate the way my face trying not to smile

#baby Irah <3 trying her best not to laugh xD

#Jati hits Aida. bully!!! xD

#I'm not sure what kind of style is this. funny!

#I was trying to jump+kick aida. but it turns out differ =.='

#what kind of sorcery is thissssss <3

with Umi darling! ;)

#I was acted like a kitty. hahahh!

#enmi!! congrats to me! hahah xD


#kebaru-baruan blackberry umi. hahahah

#tinguk tibi.. this is candid. hoho

#Umi and nanang ;)

#Liah & Umi ;)

#si tika tika ^^

#meow cik Liah...^^

#bgosip ;p

#HAHAHA. thanks to Umi cuhs lend me your fipper ;)

p/s: well guys, I miss them already :'(


huh, I know the title seems so uncreative there. *pretend you don't read it*

Assalamualaikum! ;D

Howdy, cyber-world! how did you spend your weekend? Oh2, I spent them with my family, friends, laptop and my bed. waaaa.. I miss my afternoon-rest lately. am so damn busy with school. upps, as for you know, I was elected to be a service-co on perkhemahan ko-kum at school. at first, I was so excited with that. my dirty-minded said "YES. ble la nih buli budaks". but day by day, it turns out to boring. no no no, I mean it was really tiring me up! huhuhuhuh!! I almost serah diri to resigns =.='. gini laa rupa2 orang yg cepat putus asa kn. sorry cikgu Soo.

but then, I've made up my mind. TETAP BERTAHAN. bila lagi mau penat kan? so far, I haven't ponteng from the meeting. except for today lah. kah kah kahh penat ba. I need some break. and a load of homeworks to finish, ASAP. don't worry teacher, I'll be attending tomorrow *winkwink*

done promising, ayoh lihat gambar! ;)

with my dearest best friend. jati ;)

with Jia Wen, oh, and Pika. hehehe! well, ignore my face ._.

Jia Wen, Pika, Ami and me

Sam and Jati, hammering xD

sedang meng-gam carpet

Operasi membersihkan kolah sedang dijalankan

buat pentas gna meja. genius (OO)

lepas buat kerja, main laa drg takraw

that's all for my school week! oya, these pictures was taken on June 23,2012. my Mr Saturday was 'stolen'. but still, worth it ^^

Thursday, June 21, 2012

No One Understand.

No you don’t understand I have a good fashion sense but I don’t have any money.

p/s: and this is so relatable.


Okay. urm.. hi & Assalamualaikum ;D

well, I don't really remember what's in my dream last night. but.. it just. erm. like.. em. yeah. like. it's something like. urm.. yeah, you know.. miss?

here I am. still alive.. and sometimes thinking about you. k bye.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Miss le gurlprens!

Haiiiiiiiii ~!! Assalamualaikum ~!!

uhuk! uhuk!! kinda feel sebaksebak now. I miss my best friends. and I know they miss me too! heheheh!
aik? anyone wanna proof they miss me? Challenge Accepted like a Bawz ;p

Jyeahhh! she's one of my bestie. balik capat la meng.. muuah umi ;)

Okok.. ini ada aku kena tag juga nih ah? tu capital T dia bilang. hahahah! muuah uyun ;)

erm, send me a rescue truck? hurm.. I know I know. she didn't even say that she miss me. but I'm sure she is! hahahah!! irah rindu tika ba kn? (memaksa bah) muuah aida ;)

hahh.. untuk pengetahuan anda sekalian, c ayu nih pemalu. dia rindu aku juga nih. hahahahah!! muuah ayu ;)

see.. you see! hahahah! muuah Fifi ;)

still not forgotten, ally yg nun jauh d sanaaaaaaa. muuah ally ;)

egois jati. teman seperjuangan d UKM. hahahahah!! that's the only way to show how much she miss me. hahahah muuah jati ;)

hesh, makin lama makin laa nda kena kasi tnjuk rindu tu. hahahah!! she miss her friends. I'm her friend. so she miss me la. hahahah!! muuah kinah ;)

makin hilang semangat ku nih tau. hahahah.. ada papa baru suda aku. papa drakula' mana suda? :P wahai riana, rindu tika kn??? (memaksa) hahah! muuah dyg ;)

HMMMMM... some of them didn't say they miss me at all. *hate to say this* hahahah!! whatever la, I know they miss me juga itu ;P sometimes people who don't say they miss you are the one who miss you so badly. they're in pain of missing you actually. hahahahahh!! heyyy, I'm thinking of positive thing rite now. mereka sungguh egois ;p

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