Sunday, June 24, 2012


Hai dan salam? ;D

Uhuk! Finally, I can meet my girlfriends. *sob* I miss them so much. no words can describe how much I miss them. aik, cam ayat rindu bopren pla kn. hahahah! xD

okay, for those who just read my last post.. urm, I guess I didn't mention to you guys that I'd hang out with my girls pla kn? heheh! my bad, too excited to story about my busyness at school. well, yesterday I went to school for buat 'menara' (frankly, all my job was angkat le bamboo only). now I know why my back is aching right now. genius..! okok, back to the topic, around 4.30pm yesterday, zumpa kawang2!! c irah pandai suda bemikap. hehehheheh!! *jelous*

and it was my first time drove my sister's car just to meet them. thanks to momma cuhs being sporting ;x

with.. forgot his name. Kura kali? hahahh! ermm, camera depan. besa la kabur2. hehehe!
Aida, Umi, Liah & Pip

w baby zetty. huhu!

#manis kn senyum? ;D

#mau buat hidung kembang. fcuk,

d jambatan simpangan
#Okay, time nih c irah pura2 lambat supaya kmi turun p sambut dia d tengah2 jambatan. hahahahhah!! nda ba da..^^v

#merenung masa depan. I hate the way my face trying not to smile

#baby Irah <3 trying her best not to laugh xD

#Jati hits Aida. bully!!! xD

#I'm not sure what kind of style is this. funny!

#I was trying to jump+kick aida. but it turns out differ =.='

#what kind of sorcery is thissssss <3

with Umi darling! ;)

#I was acted like a kitty. hahahh!

#enmi!! congrats to me! hahah xD


#kebaru-baruan blackberry umi. hahahah

#tinguk tibi.. this is candid. hoho

#Umi and nanang ;)

#Liah & Umi ;)

#si tika tika ^^

#meow cik Liah...^^

#bgosip ;p

#HAHAHA. thanks to Umi cuhs lend me your fipper ;)

p/s: well guys, I miss them already :'(

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masyiFadz said...

sy follow awk erk..

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