Monday, June 04, 2012

Amelie's Cafe!

Assalamualaikum readers! =D

Okayy, today's just like another day. dating with Mr Holiday by playing a game that I downloaded just now. forgot where did I found this game, eyaa laa, seach2 d internet then I randomly clicked "download now". 

pernah main Dinner Dash? Sally Saloon? Wedding Dash? naah, hampir2 samaaaa la game d atas nih. eh, lupa kasitau. nama game nih Amelie's Cafe ^^v

sometimes I can get stressed while playing this game. seriously! if my sis or my brother talk to me, sure I'll ignore it. my badass brother kadang2 action to switch off the socket and that forcing me to teriak him. kakak yg tegas hahahah!! when playing I'll concentrate 101% on it, focusing on the goal target, if I didn't get the expert goal I'll restart the game immediately.. hahahah!! so tonight I'm planning to play this at my room so no one can disturb me. hahahah genius me (OO)

woi, calling me noob ah? hahahahah!! nvm laa, as long as I'm enjoying play this game yg comel2. it's better la kan than I go out and lepak2 d kedai kasi habis duit parents. nasib lah aku bkn type yg kaki lepak. masih lagi kaki orang. hahahah just my luck ;p I only go out when my bonda bawa pegi kedai, family vacation, my gurls halo2 bawa jals.. kalo  teda yg membawa jalan, mmg d rumah jak laa aku. kemas2 rumah, sapu2 rumah, siram2 bunga, jaga2 meow *claps for me* hahahah xD

Okay okayyy, aku nih jenis yg suka bangga diri punya orang (OO). hahahahah!! sorrrryyyyyy love x

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