Friday, June 01, 2012

Never be Forgotten

well.. well..

have you ever listen to a song and get touched by it so deeply? then something inside you shuts off, slowly. still, you keep listen it over and over again. you're not crying neither angry. you just miss how things used to be. that feeling kinda weird. but at the end, persuaded yourself to accept the fact that things have changed. think you've move on and let go.

but there will always be a time which will bring back all the memories you thought you've forgotten.


heyy, you cannot get over all the memories which was so mean a lot to you, before. you can't forget the person that you thought will be yours forever. but you can forget 'the feelings' eventually :) if you really want someone that you can't have, pretend you're not missing them. hahah sounds stupid rite? simpan rasa tu dlm diam jak. well, silent is golden mah ;p

yaaa.. I know. I know forgetting someone is not simply as do a mathematics question(hahahah!) I know forcing yourself to forget the things that made you happy is one of the hardest part to do in life :')

when it is's over lah tu dear, macam mana lagi kan? kena paksa diri untuk terima jgk tu.. kalo nda dpt jgk, buat2 lupa jak laa~ aik? marah? tenang baa.. I would  never say this if I don't have experienced such that. mmg lah, bukan senang ba. kau pikir senang ka kasi lupa orang? sedang kn hutang pun nda dpt d lupa. apa lagi kasi lupa2 orang nih. mana lagi kalo time2 kau tgh down brabis, ada lah orang suru kau move on. nahh, kaki mariii

So.. thanks to the people who never left me :')

" Don't despair and never lose hope. Cause Allah always by your side. InsyaAllah you will find your way"
-Maher Zain^^

Allat S.W.T know what's the best for us :')

kadang2, kita kena belajar untuk melepaskan orang yg melepaskan kita-true story

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