Sunday, June 24, 2012


huh, I know the title seems so uncreative there. *pretend you don't read it*

Assalamualaikum! ;D

Howdy, cyber-world! how did you spend your weekend? Oh2, I spent them with my family, friends, laptop and my bed. waaaa.. I miss my afternoon-rest lately. am so damn busy with school. upps, as for you know, I was elected to be a service-co on perkhemahan ko-kum at school. at first, I was so excited with that. my dirty-minded said "YES. ble la nih buli budaks". but day by day, it turns out to boring. no no no, I mean it was really tiring me up! huhuhuhuh!! I almost serah diri to resigns =.='. gini laa rupa2 orang yg cepat putus asa kn. sorry cikgu Soo.

but then, I've made up my mind. TETAP BERTAHAN. bila lagi mau penat kan? so far, I haven't ponteng from the meeting. except for today lah. kah kah kahh penat ba. I need some break. and a load of homeworks to finish, ASAP. don't worry teacher, I'll be attending tomorrow *winkwink*

done promising, ayoh lihat gambar! ;)

with my dearest best friend. jati ;)

with Jia Wen, oh, and Pika. hehehe! well, ignore my face ._.

Jia Wen, Pika, Ami and me

Sam and Jati, hammering xD

sedang meng-gam carpet

Operasi membersihkan kolah sedang dijalankan

buat pentas gna meja. genius (OO)

lepas buat kerja, main laa drg takraw

that's all for my school week! oya, these pictures was taken on June 23,2012. my Mr Saturday was 'stolen'. but still, worth it ^^

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