Sunday, June 17, 2012

First Week

Assalamualaikum =D

it is the first week of school opened. hmm.. so far so good. however, haven't gain my study-hard-spirit yet. time passed by so fast. but I guess I didn't used it wisely *sigh*. wanna know what I do to kill time? daydreaming, listening to music, watching tv. uh, no more facebook. let people think that I'm studying. hahahah genius(Y)

I don't know why the hell is wrong with me. got home from mengaji then take pic like a bawz! hahah! no money to buy my own Dslr, so just act like I had one lah. hahahah! gini kn selalu org ambi pic kalo guna dslr. errr.. you know what I mean kan, when they snap their own face. especially teen girls. heheheh!! XD  #EpicFailedDslr

huh, I'm offended with this picture. hahahah!! sometimes, when I'm finished reading a book, I don't remember what actually I'd read. eh, it happen every time I started reading. so how do I study? well, you ask the wrong person baby. ho ho ho ho *Santa Claus' Laugh*

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