Sunday, June 03, 2012

wedding, Akikah

Assalamualaikum =D

okaayyy. I was damn tired today. not so tired la actually ;p followed my parents go to wedding I'm not sure siapa.  tp yg sure d Ongkilan :) konsep dia kuning + putih^^ that makes me planning how it's look like on my wedding in future. hahahah!! hey! to make it become more systematic, I have to plan it awal awal bah! hahah ;p genius genius. gorgeous apa kuning2 emas. but sadly I didn't take any picture there sbb TERtinggal laa pula tlepong d kereta. dei, I am sooo pelupa lately :(

I didn't edit it. but the light effect did it. so big thanks to cahaya hahahahh!!

okay, pic above were taken while my sister driving otw go to her friend's apa.. err ada akikah sna. tp kmi dtg lmbt ckt. Eya eyaaa, kakak ku mmg bukan mcm aku yg ada gene racer okay? hahahah!! sorry kak pp XP ayah bonda nda ikt sbb nda larat suda dr kenduri kahwin tu. hahah. let me tell you a lil secret, there are a lot of pic I take there. but my sis didn't allow me to upload sebab dia buruk d sana dia bilang. cis to her >.<"

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