Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hi? Busy?

Hi and Assalamualaikum! =D

Once again. the title seems so uncreative. huhux. saya seharusnya membuat anjakan paradigma agar tajuk blog entry menjadi lebih menarik. hahahah!! xD

I don't know what's wrong with me. last week my teacher ask me to do Pengajian Am essay, anddd it was perfectly sucks. I did it last minute (plus,copying friend's). urgh, apa masam nih... actually, I've tried my f*cking best to elaborate all my points on essay. but I JUST CAN'T. at that moment, I was kinda d luah mati emak, d telan mati bapa. hahahah!! le mind can't stop thinking about how mad teacher Najibah to me or should I just hand in the task with the feelings of guilty =3=. yes or yess yessss yessss. so I HENTAM SEJA LAAAA.. uh, okay oWkeyh. ada  JUGALAH tiru sikit. tp ubah2 BANYAK OKAY ;p

 make sure, I'll not do like this anymore..uppps.. let's start it tomorrow la. HEHEHEHHE. nda mau lagi buat krja rumah last2 minit nih. *facepalm*

anyway, I kinda enjoying my busyness lately. yeahh, I know my last2 entry I've mention that I was about to giving up being a service-co on Perkhemahan Ko-kum. but, just I said. I've made up my mind. BERTAHAN. macam lagu wali band pla kn. TETAP BERTAHAN (kliklah! ;D) yayayayaaa, that song didn't show what I'm fighting for now(fight la sangat).

soooooo people, wish me luck! hope I will survive just like all my friends! xD

p/s: everyone's need it.

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