Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

Hi & Assalamualaikum =D

as for you know, today is Father's Day! wehheeee! no celebration at my house, but.. urm..yeah, you know lah kan. when people keep talking Happy Father's Day, so that makes me wanna share my feeling about my dad. hehehehheehh!! XD

well, I keep saying that "genius genius". so I just made my own genius pantun (genius lah sangat) hahahahah!! 

Pergi ke pekan naik vespa,
Sampai ke pekan lupa nak beli apa,
Saya putri bongsu bapa,
Selamat hari bapa.

HEHEHEHEHEH!! now dad, you should take a look at my blog now ;p

Happy Father's Day, Daddy!! 
thanks all the support, the love and jokes! and the money. hahahah!! sorry I annoyed you sometimes, sorry cuhs being so stubborn, sorry cuhs I spending money for the things that I don't really need,  sorry for the nasty things I've said. I didn't mean it at all XD
love you so so so muchhhhh!


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