Monday, September 17, 2012



huhuhuhuhuxxxx sorry (sori kunun) it's been such a longggg time rite? macam biasa laa alasan tu. BUSY. hakhak

stop stop. I don't wanna talk about my busyness. bcuz my busyness is kind of my laziness. ahak!
eh eh, this is not my habitual attitude okay. it's called NO IDEA. Jyeahhh, genius genius! hohoho
yayayaaa.. I am a bad blogger. *SIGH*
it's Sunday. yeah. 4 days cuti. well actually cuti sendiri(bukan juga la). I was absent on Friday, cuhs le school ada sambutan kemerdekaan segala. I am not the orang penting so I decided to REHAT at home. rehat okay rehat. genius!

on Saturday and Sunday are the real cuti. andddd Monday pun cuti gaks. don't ask why cuhs I don't have an extra time to explain it one by one to you. you know la kan cik Tika nih macam mana? for her, time is money. money remain as money. wkakakak! once againnnnn, genius! hahahahh (OO) *idung ogok*

bayalah2. 16th September 2012 which is Sunday, was Malaysia Day! anddd tomorrow will be Malaysia Day's Replacement. *maaf jikalau ada silap, hikhik*

Soooooo here I am on Sunday evening, I guess it is Monday? hahah I'm spending the rest of my holiday (meng-eksen cuti panjang) at home as the busy time start on the next one or two weeks. maka2 selalu bz. esesehh.
since I didn't have any important story to tell, so I decided everything- every words that I've been typed. was the important thing to tell. walaa!! 


I don't know where to start. urm..
so I randomly post some adorable photos, just leave it do the talking then. bahahah XD

#okay.. mula2 nda brani kunu.

#last2.. brabis mau pigang. hahahahha

#c yon paksa halina pigang tu sapi. hahahahahah!!

#tangan c has tu ah... mcm mau menampar sapi tu jak..

#fyi, burung nih nda boleh terbang. hoho

#aku macam suka........... *egois*

#when bonda ignoring me. hakhak

#me, jati && kinah

#thank you fifi. hikhik! muahh

andddd what I miss the most are.......................................

hahahaaa.. ntah apa2 entry nih kali.
it's better than nothing right? ^^v
okay then, 'till my next update. bubyeeeeeeeee love! :*

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