Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Fcuk. I was recently has been having terrible falling asleep.

why am I scared to sleep? huh.. it's like when I started to think about the SPM result, I get scared to drop off. think that I'm goin to die in my sleep. ahahah..

well yeah, seems I'm not alone here. I think all spm candidates 2011 having the same fears. just-like-me =3=

akan tetapi, I am more than often found sleeping in the afternoon. when there are a lot of stress in my life as well my whole body shuts down and the only way I react is by sleeping! but still, can't sleep now,wtf

ahh. damn. apa mau jadi, jadi laa. people has their own luck ba kan? huxhux

naaa. last2 bonda pn tebangun. dan marah sebab saya belum tidur -.-


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