Saturday, March 17, 2012

Let's Started Today ! ;D

Halo people on Earth ! ;D
I've tried so many times to learn how to apa nama nih.. brg blogging2 segala. oh yaa, after my bestie Izzati was being sarcastic about my blog kunuk "malas mau tinguk blog kosong" , "UPDATE BLOG".. damn, so I tried it. I spent some times getting comfortable with it until I wanted to custumize this damn blog. sound so hard rite?

Sooo.. here I am - The New Blogger :P


well.. this may just the most common but, why the hell is this such of question so hard eh? (for me laa..) cuhs when people asking me ntah apa2 laa kalo d pesbuk "mind to intro??" I was a lil bit confuse how to answer that. ahah.. "tell me about urself" sounds like a book-length essay question ba kan? - and I am not good on writing either -.-'

So I just antam2 jak la ah? heheh ;p

the name is Atika. aging 17yrs 7month (belum lagi 18 keyh xD) . black+grey+white=YELLOW are the colours of my soul. surrounded with a loving family and close friends are SUPER DUPER AWESOME ! they will be always remains much as my HEARTBEAT <3

hoho. this lovable person is ME ;p

yeahh man, this is my FAMILY <3 aku sayanggggg dorang sampai kiamat ke12. sampai mati hidup semulaa. haha

&& this is my bestieee yg minta puji <3. hahah akuuu sayannnggg dorang giler babeh. hakhak

heheh.. that's all for this time. the newbie. kalo lambat meng update tu, paham2 jak la ah? nda tw apa lagi mw sakap.. huhuhuxzxzx


Sunmi Unnie@Patsy said...

congrat for making a fun kalau biasa dh ngn ni blog..

innogurl said...

yeah ! heheh :D

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