Wednesday, March 28, 2012


OKOK. I supposed to write this at the day I got my SPM result but blablablaa recently my feelings are not really well to talk anything about result -.-

long strory short, I only got 1A 5B 3C 1D 1G which, 9krdt 1lulus 1GAGAL. hahah.. wtf.
curiously what is the f*cking "G" ? hohox.
 it was additional mathematic -.-

well, this f* subject I was struggled a day before the exam began! Gosh.. no study deserve a bad result la ba kn? all people already know this f* subject CLEARLY cannot study at the last minute. *but I did and failed -.-

ah, don't mind laa that. no more story about my freakin result. now just look forward for the FUTURE. all the best for me :')

hihik, I checked it through sms. damn nih, kena telan 20sen.

I'm not expecting much all. feel so grateful. thx to Allah S.W.T :)

so now, quite busy dgn mw urus2 brg sijil ntah apa2 segala. think this will give more pressure than examing. ha ha ha

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