Friday, May 18, 2012

The day "Liang Moi" left us

some of you might be curious on the topic above. I'm not the liang moi ah. even I know you think I am. HAHAHAH let me explain to you who's the liang moi here. ekekek.

Time to blog!!
Ola readers, I wanted to start from May16. heheh *nda sempat meng-update blog sb telampau penat xD

on Wednesday noon, we went out to Dataran Bengkoka, Pitas. yeahh, maybe for you it was not so exciting place to go or maybe accidentally you shout a "BOOO" word now. but for me, this is something fantastic to story about. hikhik!
 well, credit to me cuhs be the  excellent driver to them. NONE of them personally offer to be a driver neither =='.  one dirty secret to tell, jati lied said that she didn't bring her license. but to be frank, she does. *punch punch

well, it's okay. now I have a gut to drive to kk soon. maybe ALONE. hahahah xD

yaa.. smua ada haluan masing2 suda. Halidah will further her study to Asasi ntah apa.. d UMS. and fifi matrix, yune cosmo, aida Uitm..

OKAY. stop. what past is past. now gladly to tell the story about TODAYYYY ;3

and now another sad story, umi also further her studies d UiTM. aiyoo.. wanna pukul her tadi. but yeahh, you're forgiven uming. when I think cook2x know it was the best for her too =3=

okay, this lovable person is ME. hahah

we eat eat eat. eh, frankly, I drink ONLY okay. once again, si irah bilang ABC HABIS. then I ordered neslo. neslo JAK AH

arhh.. today's nothing adorable pictures taken. ada tu ada, but all blur2. hyperactive semua kn. hahah xD

p:s/ dear bestie, maybe after this we all cannot meet each other as often as before, you guys will face the new environment, and for sure we'll meet new friends, or maybe become 'new best friend' also.. 
and the most scariest thing is we not close anymore :'(

hope that won't happen to us :')

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