Tuesday, May 01, 2012


yuhuuu.. anyone still awake? ^0^
I can't sleep,again.. well basically, I don't mean I don't wanna sleep.
I just accidentally cannot sleep! things that I really don't want to happen but have to accept. hahahahah!
sure tonight will 9gag-ing till in the morning 
and mom gonna give me a good scold if I cannot wake up tomorrow =.=

this is cute rite? hoho.

well here a bit confusing.
are there a times you miss being in love again? to feel how much hurt of missing someone, arguing for nothing but thinks really worth it, the feeling of afraid of losing someone.. ahh.

I think we're all miss it at some point in our lives. So do I :)

miss being in love. it was a wonderful feelings ;p
it's just so hard to find someone that you can love with your whole heart anymore...

 LOVE is both most incredible and most destructive feelings ~

Anything happens, even a good ones or bad ones, we return to HIM cuhs we comes from HIM :")

belajarlah untuk melupakan org yg telah melupakan kita^^

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