Saturday, April 28, 2012


gambar hiasan

Okay. today is Saturday. April 28.

as usual.. just staying at home. doing nothing -.-

today's supposed go to my friend's sister's wedding. my parents allow me to go. happy? of course lah. can  jalan2 sama kawan. huahua.. but the sad part is. we CAN'T GO. cuhs, we don't have any vehicles to go there. ckt lg aku bwa alphard tu tau. hahahaha! ;p ;p ;p

forget about the wedding, tomorrow night going to community hall cuhs.. ar I'm not really sure about it maybe something like 'malam amal' ? hahah.. don't know lah, as long as my tummy can be pampered by the free food at there.

heyy!! I'm such a grateful person loh! hate wasting. hahahah xD

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