Friday, April 20, 2012



blablaa.. this reminded my dearest bestie so much. hihi

yesterday craving for a cupcakes and now seems I wanna eat APAM POLKADOT! hahaha xD I have big appetite on food as long as it is not a FISH! hihihi :3

Okeyyh, forgot the date, went to Umi's house. I'm going back home was a little bit late, so then she asking if I wanna help her made this cute apam polkadot. without thinking how late I am, I said YES! hahahah.. well, I'm not good on cooking actually, but Imma gladly to help her! hihi ;3 ;3 ;3

I will not tell you the recipe for now, but InsyaAllah I'll tell you when... ah, IF I done made it alone. wkakakakakak! -don't trust me :p

D'you see the picture above? heheh this is the first trial - before kukus it. hahahahahah *idk what kukus in English -.-'

p/s: from left, aida's , umi's and I. harharhar

andddd... this is the result. take a look at the 'smiley' one! hahahahahah! I kinda like that green one, macam super mario pnya cendawan kan? hihihi xD upps.. pretend you don't see mines. mcm cendawan buruk.. hahaha

this is one of my bestie. Umi. hihi
Umi && Aida ~ muuah for 'em :*
this is me and Umi
Aida and I. hihi

Okay lah, nothing else for now.. bubye guys ~ ^^


♔Lady Ainaa♔ said...

Oh my!!!! comeynyew!!! macm susah nk buat je??? teringin nk buat gak sebab ena suke gila kek ni...tmbh2 letak jam blueberry kat dlmnyew...awww...letaklah ramuan2nya..hehehe

innogurl said...

comel kan??! hehehehe! nanti kan k? hihi :3

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