Tuesday, April 24, 2012


hahahaahaha! well peeps, I'd never did this to my teachers. but I did it to my buddies by using a mirror! yeah, maybe for you this isn't so funny at all -cuhs when I shared this picture on my fb, only a few of my friend hits the LIKE button. hahah, I don't care as long as I found this MEME are hilarious! xD


♔Lady Ainaa♔ said...

uishh, agak menyakitkanlh buat camtu..ena last lakukan reflection of light ni tym buat experiment dlu the suddenly ter'touched' my finger..really hurt..huuuu

Meera Ishak said...

HAHA! kawan meera pernah buat dekat cikgu -.- budak tu memang jahat. tp cikgu sporting nasib baik tak satu kelas kena dende^^ hihi. syg cikgu tu :D

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