Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sharing is Caring :)


Frankly, I have no idea with the titlte =.='. is it when sharing something to somebody, shows that you're a caring person? like food or.. what else something needy? ahahahaha. okok.. boring. I know, I know -.-'

okok.. maybe this is a better picture to illustrate that phrase's meaning ^^ -cute rite? ;3;3;3

alright peeps, don't mind about the 'sharing is caring' means. I'm pretty sure that you and your friends have shared something rite? so do I :)

hai? hahaha xD this pic was taken on Apr 11, 2012 after came back from Halidah's house. heheh.. eh, seems lari tajuk oredy kn? ah, biarlah. mau crita about the yummy cheese cake (Y) , mna lagi mee guring sampur belacan. pergghhhhhh~ sedap jo~

Bercinta.. OK ataupun KO? <3
WEEHEEEWW~! lepak-ing at her bed feels like gossiping in the library! hahahaha!*ancur inggeris doh

nda phm knpa mcm d lebri? sbb biliknya telah ber-hawa-dinginkan air cond && bermacam-macamkan novel(s) !! hahahahaha :D upps.. see the pic above? hohox. tanpe segan silu saye pinjam dr die. hihihikk

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