Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Library

well library here means Halidah's room. ahahaha :D

Diary of a Wimpy Kid-Jeff Kinney

yesterday went to Halidah's house-again hahahah ~ andddd.. guess what? I borrowed her book again. hikhikhik xD she said this book was kinda funny and can makes you giggling around while reading it. without hesitate simpan dlm beg, pinjam, bawa balik rumah. agagagaa
so yeahh, at the first time I see the book's cover; I know it contains a hilarious story. ahah..
EH?? people say "don't judge a book by it's cover". but I did :p

forget about the book I haven't finished read the book yet :p

hoho. then we rock on her bed by take some pic ~

the last one =.=' duck face yg mmg btl2 menjadi. hahaha xD

Weehoaaaaa~! this is one of my bestie; Yune.. 
she's pretty rite? :D

p/s: mau ambi gmbr dgn dorang Jati &&Ayu, tapi dorg ndada pakai hijab time tuh. jd nda laa. hahaha xD


Hazierah A.Rahim said...

Kuwang asom . punya main bida muka aku dalam gambar ne especially duck face tu & y kaburkabur gambar kita tu. hodohnya aku d dalam gambar tu . jatuh standard i tau . hahahaha :D

innogurl said...

hahahahah! biar la ba tu yune. yg penting pic lain kau cantik xD

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