Thursday, April 19, 2012

le eyes

So here I am minding my own business.. today  I decorated my own header. WHOAA. I'm not so excited about it actually, cuhs it don't really... Ermm, I don't know what word suit to express my feelings now. sure-fire, my eyes feels so tired and sore by now =.=. goshh, nda mau rabun oh me! hahaha.

now I try not to spend so much time at the lappy's screen, also stop read a book in dim light, oh yaa! eat A LOT OF FRUIT AND VEGGIESSSSZZ (!) *berazam. ekekekeek

pray for me! wkakakak! xD


♔Lady Ainaa♔ said...

hehehe..pergi la take a nice air kt lua..jgn ngadap lappy je, leh rosak mata..hehehehe... nice header by the way, i love simple one..hehehe

innogurl said...

whahah.. 1st trial tu sygsss. btw tengss :)

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