Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Band-aid LOVE.

eee! cuteeee!

wohoahhh.. when I see this band aid, I was a lil bit confused. is it created to heal for those broken-hearted's heart? hihi. kidding okayy ~

as we know here,
band aids are not meant to be HEALER. it simply to cover up your wound (I guess so..) . it was a magical when we're little, cush think it heal us. it just "stop" the hurt actually. ekekekeee xD same goes to me peeps, when I was a little, I think it was really fun and cute so I can pick ones that I like! hohoho ~

but when we're growing up, we usually pick the flesh colored (based on my experience laa..). while they're not exactly invisible or perfectly camouflaged, not as obvious and people don't always know that you're really hurt. HUH, it's kind of like the same thing when you get out of relationship! you-still-hurt. so badly. but you're trying hard to hide it by go out and having fun with buddies, handsome/pretty person to spend with. they distract you. but the reason why you still hurting is still there. 

weee! I want this tee!!

aishh. seems I am the most emotional person now. hahaha. don't know what am I typing rite now -.-' 

selalu lari tajuk ah? crta psl band aid then merapu ntah apa2. hahah..

well oh well. if you're SINGLE, don't get sad okeh? single doesn't mean that you're ugly, unpopular, nobody loves you or whatever ~ some rude words might killing rite? being single wont be that suck ;)

study the pic above. D'you got it? used band aid is nothing, otherwise times will heal it dear ~

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rashidi damanhuri said...

hye,singgah n follow sini,lau sudi singgah n follow larh blk yea,tQ :)

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