Saturday, April 21, 2012

W.H.Y? isn't it ironic?

why do we run from the ones that makes you happy, and fight for the ones that makes you cry? why waste your time on someone who hurts you? when there could be someone out there waiting to make you happy?

well then, maybe this issue kinda confusing or annoys you so bad. but, have you ever ask YOURSELF about it? no offend k peeps.

Okay dear, may start from now you need to FORGET what you want, and REMEMBER what you actually deserve. you deserve more than this. you know it rite? yes. I know you are :)

BUT SOMETIMES, there's only one person who can make you really happy in the world, is the same person who makes you sad and lonely. - Oh God, I really hate the feeling of losing someone that mean a lot to me. it please Allah, don't let it happen to me AGAIN. I know You loves me :')

"what happens when he's your Prince Charming, but you're not his Cinderella?"

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