Wednesday, April 25, 2012


what should I do with my life now? I'm still figuring how to further my study. yeah, got my SPM result last month and still don't know what to do next. chase for my dream or.. is it too late? damn.. this is hard.
college? form 6? *sighhh -.-

ouh yeah. my friends said wait for the UPU result. if I get it, then go for it. ah? so form6 will be the last choice.. *sighhh -.-

ahaii.. starting it on my own kinda hard. I don't know how to plan, what to expect, where to go, what to do.. haish, then now I wish I were a little kid again. not think too much about study cuhs le parents always potpetpotpet us to S.T.U.D.Y.. hehehe! xD
oh well, I'm currently just staying at home -doing nothing -.-

what would my life like? I'm excited about a good things! yeah, gain something without put a lot of effort(hahaha!), earning my own money, having a car and house(wishing it would be a mansion! xD),
being my family, friends and so on..  basically, having a GOOD LIFE.

ehh? think I'm a lazy person. yes I am! am I proud of it? hell no dear. ada kunun mau bangga.. hahahah

hahah. some of Gate's quote.. grr..

huh. need to get hold a grip of myself and contemplate about further my study in future :)

#wish me luck peeps. may ALLAH will bless me and you :3



Mrs. Simple said...

so which one would you choose?
college ? stpm ? or just do nothing ?
hihik ! goodluck girl :DD

innogurl said...

be a suri rumah berjaya. hahaha xD thnx dear ;)

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