Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Random Self Questions Survey

1] are you ready for a million questions?
challenge accepted (00)

2] Do you watch  college football?
emmm, if I have to.

3]  Who will fill this survey after you?
ar? idk. maybe YOU

4] Who was the last person to send you a text

5] Do you love anyone?
family, best friends

6] at the moment
listening of "ku pendam sebuah duka" hahah.. on the view while typing this

7] where were the last place you went shopping?
kantin sekolah. hahaha (considered it as shopping cuhs I used money maa) ;p

8] Where do you work?
no where. ekekek

9] last thing you ate/drank?
crepes yg suda masuk angin.. tp tetap habis juga. nda mau membazir ba. hahah xD

10] Do you wish you were someplace else right now?
em, no~

11] Do you have any pet peeves?
people yg goyang2 kali while sitting (I do this sometimes)  & people who show their butt crack or underwear because their pants are too saggy!! pakai ler tali pinggang syg~

12] Do you have any expensive jewelry?

13] AIM or yahoo?

14]  Do you like math?
I hate calculus~ =.='

15] How many hours on average do you work a week?

16] Favorite baseball team?

17] Favorite NBA Team?

18] Do you watch the Olympics?

19] Last restaurant you went to?
Farah Catering

20] Who was the last person to call you?
my elder sister

21]  What's your sign?
Leo. but don't follow the astrology ;p

22] Do you have favorite number(s) ?
7, 25.. em, any odd numbers la

23] Last time you did volunteer work or made any donations?

24] What do you spend the majority of your money on?
food, food and food

 25] Where does your family live?
Malaysia ;p

26] are you are only child or do you have siblings?
4 siblings.

27] ever been called a bitch?
even more worse than that. ahahahah!

28] got any guilty pleasures?
cake, ice-cream.. I'm gaining!!!

29] do you drink beer?
 da giler de.. tak la. hahah

30] Do you have favorite color?
yes. yellow, black, white.. and maybe grey? hihi

31] Did you ever collect Beanie Barbie?
apa nih? a doll? nda la kali ah..
32] ever bought anything online?

 33] Myspace or Facebook?

34] Do you have T-mobile?

35] Do you sometimes you were someone else?
hah? sometimes.. tapi nda laa. I love myself *claps for me*

36] Last time you saw your parents?
my mum beside me right now. work on her lappy

37] Do you have any talents?
ntah.. ballet mengkali. hahahahhah!!!

38] ever been in a wedding?
yes. but I don't remember when

39] Do you have any children?
no.. one fine day. hahah

 40] Last movie you watched?
The vow

41] are you missing someone at the moment?
I miss people every single day 

42] Did you take a nap today?
ya lor..

 43] are you hungry of thirsty?
both, miahahahah

44] Favorite fast food restaurant? 
aiyaa. too much to type it

45] have you ever been in love?

47] are you in love now... or falling in love?
huh? guess I'm falling in love everyday. hahah

48] Do you own a camera phone?

 49] Do you believe in karma?
errrrr... ya maybe

50] have you been cheated on?
yes.. it sucks

51] have you cheated on someone?
yes.. and it sucks too.

52] are you in a relationship now?

 53] when was your last breakup?
a couples month ago.. I guess ;p

 54] how many boyfriends have you had?
countless.. hahahahahah!! jkjk!

55]  do you ever want to get married and have kids?
yes.. hakhak

56] did you notice number 46 was missing?
lol.. I'm too busy reading, thinking, and typing

57] have you ever checked it back?
 LOL! yeah, you got me, idiot

58] who is your first true love? (even if it didn't work out)
one boy I found handsome and prettayyyy. hahahah

59] do you believe fall in love at the first sight?
hah? it can be 'maybe' or 'no'

60] Last missed call?
call(s) from nanang. hahah sori pip <3

61] are you bored right now?
not really.. *backache T3T

62] what do you think before you go to bed?
thinking what I need to do the next day

63] what's are you plans for tomorrow?
idk. oh! go to abx or post office.. kak ila ada mau mta tlg kirim 

#lol.. not so million questions are these.. oh, btw, my back is aching right now

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