Wednesday, May 02, 2012


ola peeps! lambat oh me! the o'clock already shows 11:45pm(as I'm typing). oh.. am I to late to say "HELLO MAY" (?)

ah, I don't care. harharharr ;D

hurmmm.. I think this month will not be my "busy month". yeah, I still keep the tittle of PENGANGGUR BERJAYA ==' , take a good care of my cats, do the all house chores.. well.. in other word, being a maid at my own home.

heyy, that's awesome okay?! congrats to me cuz not being kaki jalan instead! hahaha! *smile in pain agagagagaa~

oh!! think about MAY. I just remember about May 8th. oh oh.. must tell parents about pendaftaran f6. haishh, most important ---->> RM300 =.=' *wishing the leaves of tree could be a money

hope this month will be nice to me as the other past month have done to me. hikhik xD
then I guess, JULY will be an exciting time of month for me <3 

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